Alexis is Becoming Alexis Again…

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to update you on Alexis. Alexis is doing amazingly well these days! She had the week off of chemo treatments, which was a nice break for both her and Ashley! Another nice break is that she is now off of the steroids that she was on. While on them, she was not the same little girl. But now that she is off of them, she is back to her normal (full of energy) self, and I can now call her “crazy baby” again! That’s my nickname for her, and she loves it!

Crazy Baby Alexis in "Paul's Toot Toot!"

On Thursday, I spent the day with Ashley and Alexis. We went to State College to get some new Penn State gear. Alexis made me wash my truck (which she calls “Paul’s toot toot”) before I picked them up though. She likes a clean looking truck I guess. Smart kid!!! The above picture is of her in the back seat of my truck, I mean “toot toot” being her “crazy baby” and cute self!

Here is an update that Ashley typed up for me a few days ago…

“Alexis has been doing awesome! She’s been off of the steroids since Jan. 2nd and she’s definitely back to her old self!! Her belly goes down every day; she has a belly button again!! Her face is still chubby as can be…but they said that’s always the last to go down! She also isn’t up all night eating, so we are finally getting some sleep!!! She’s been keeping busy playing with play-doh and her leap frog computer…and watching barney and kids sing praise, of course!!

Her next treatment is Jan. 12th. Her appt. time is 1:30 but our arrival time is scheduled for 11AM. They are going to start her on fluids that she will need for her treatment. She will also have chemo that day, and brandon and I decide whether or not to keep her in the study. We’ll find out what risk group she is in based on her last bone marrow test/spinal, too. They say that this will be a long visit, probably hours, if we stay on the study, because they will need to be on the phone with California registering her and whatever else they need to do.

we are having a blood drive through central blood bank in honor of Alexis. it will be at grace bible church in Hollidaysburg on January 25th from 12:00-6:00! 🙂   “

If you would like to set an appointment to donate at this drive, please log on to and enter Alexis’ sponsor code ZRTN0603 or call April Harmon at 814-505-5514

I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers and support of this amazing little girl! Please continue to pray for Alexis, Ashley, and the rest of Ashley’s family. Prayer changes things, and God has been answering our prayers for this situation! Keep it up…

–          paulg


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