Alexis Update: Day 8 (GOING HOME)…

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update on little Alexis! She had a little bit of a rough week with some vomitting from the chemo and a little bit of constipation, but she is doing better now and has pooped! Amen for poop! I spoke with Ashley and she said that there were about 8 diapers in an hour…that is a lot of diapers (are you glad I didn’t say “a lot of poop!”?

alexis and "her paul"

Yesterday, we received word that Alexis’ platelete count was down again (13,000…was 75,000k after last transfusion) so she received another dose of platelet’s to get her numbers up before her bone marrow aspirate that is to take place at 8:30 am today (at the time of my writing this, that was 15 minutes ago). I haven’t received any negative texts yet, so I’m sure all is going well with that!

This bone marrow aspirate will determine if she needs another one next week or if she can wait until the 31st for one! Pray that she can wait because I’m sure it is not a fun thing for a 2-year-old to go through and they have already been through so much in the last week!

If all goes well today, Alexis and family will be traveling home form the hospital at 1 pm…FINALLY! It has been a long, tiring, scary, and stressful week for them. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for Ashley! So please, please, please continue to pray for little Alexis, Ashley, and the rest of the family as they continue in faith through the remainder of this process!

In life, sometimes God gives us pain, suffering, and confusion…and sometimes He gives us beauty in the midst of it! I was having a very rough day (because of Alexis’ and mine and Ashley’s situation) and as I was leaving work (in a very sad mood), God showed me the following picture. It was a dark, gray, snowy, and cold day…and God provided this for me!

When we can't, HE CAN!

God knew I was upset and He provided me with this bit of beauty to let me know that He has things under control and that He can make even the darkest and ugliest thing (Leukemia, sickness, disease, sadness) into something beautiful that will bring glory to HIS name!

Thank you all in advance! God is going to do great things in Alexis and Ashley’s life through and because of this…and He is already starting! Amen!

P.S. – I will be away for a week so I will not be able to make any updates about Alexis, but I will be sure to update as soon as I get back! Thank you all so very much for your continued support of Alexis and her battle with Leukemia. She is a tough little cookie (who loves cookie monster) and she IS going to beat this…with God’s help!

– paulg


2 Responses to Alexis Update: Day 8 (GOING HOME)…

  1. Paula says:

    Prayer shawls are on their way to you from Zion Lutheran’s prayer shawl ministry…one for Ashley, one for Alexis and a prayer scarf for you.

    • 123paulg says:

      Aunt Paula,

      Thank you so much for the prayer shawls and the scarf. Ashley and her mom appreciated them, and Alexis doesn’t know what they are probably. But thanks again!

      – paulg

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