Alexis Update: Day 4…

Hey Everyone,

For those of you not familiar with what is going on with Alexis, please go read “Alexis update #1” and “Alexis update #2

Here are a few updates from the last few days, thanks to Alexis’ Aunt Sara from Alexis’ Care Page.

These next two are from December 5, 2009

“Just got off the phone with Alexis’ Papa. They just got back from the play room and Alexis was running wild! She is going to rest for a bit and receive some more blood. They will have to give her a new IV for the Chemo she will be receiving soon.”

“Just talked with Ashley, Alexis finished her first treatment! Ash said that it was really fast, right through her IV and Alexis did great! She will have several different types of treatment over the next 6 months and then maintenance treatment as necessary. I will keep updating as possible!”

These next three are from December 6, 2009

“Words can’t even explain… Just got off the phone with Brandon, Alexis’s daddy. Alexis had her first dose of Chemo last night and is doing very well today. She has been wiggling her toes and giggling saying “piiiigggiieess!!!” Hehe what a doll!!”

“The doctor’s report this morning says that Alexis’s hemaglobin is back to normal at 100% with her platelet count right behind! Oh the power of prayer!!!!”

“She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow for port placement. The port is used for her future treatments for easier access, so that she won’t have to endure endless IV procedures.

Also later this week she is scheduled for another round of Chemo as well as another Bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap to reassess her counts. She is doing very well and could be released from the hospital by Sunday.”

The cutest little girl I have ever seen!

I got to talk to Ashley this morning for a bit while Alexis was in surgery! She was very optimistic. Just now (January 7, 2009 @ 1:31 pm) I received a text that the port placement surgery went extremely well and Alexis is in recovery. Can I get an Amen?

Alexis in recovery after her port placement surgery

Alexis in recovery after her port placement surgery

In regards to the post from December 6, 2009 about her hemoglobin being back to normal with her platelet count right behind, I just want to make a quick comment to give God the praise. During church that day, I stood in the front of the church and received prayer for Alexis and the family because no one else was there to do it and I have an attachment to them. So many people prayed…and then after church, I received the text with that wonderful information. Isn’t it wonderful when God answers prayers? And answers them fast?

I want to also urge you to pray for Ashley. She is going through so much and such a young (25) mother should not have to go through this…any mother for that matter! Ashley is overwhelmed, stressed, and freaked out about everything. Changes are taking place in her life and her world was rocked, but she is being strong for her little girl, and that is so very impressive and an example to all of us! I am amazed at how awesome Ashley is and how strong she is being! Continue to pray for Alexis and Ashley and the rest of their family! Pray that they can get rest, eat well, and stay healthy!

Alexis’ Aunt Sara closed her last update with these words, and I want to use them as well:

“Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers! I will continue to update as needed! Keep praying!”

– paulg


One Response to Alexis Update: Day 4…

  1. Nicole says:

    what a cute little girl and i keep seeing the similarities between her and my little one who will be 3 in January and i cannot imagine the pain and heartache that Ashley and Brandon feel. I pray for you Ashley and Brandon! Put your full faith in our Lord! He will carry you thru!

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