An Update on Alexis…

Hey Everyone,

I don’t even know where to begin with this. My mind is a wreck, I haven’t slept in over 24 hours, but I wanted to send out a quick update for everyone about Alexis. First, I would like to thank you all for taking this little girl to God in prayer. Her family appreciates it tremendously, she would too (if she could understand what was going on), and I am blown away by it. I did a quick calculation yesterday and if everyone on my twitter friend list, facebook friend list, family, friends, church prayer chains, and everyone’s friend lists who re-tweeted my initial post about the urgent prayer request about Alexis, and found that there was the potential of over 2,000 people who could see the need to pray for Alexis. This amazes me because I am under the impression that prayer changes things, and if that many people are praying, then it can only be a good thing!

I was at the hospital all night with Ashley, Alexis, and the rest of their family. Alexis was very upset each time the nurses came in to check on her (about every 45 minutes or so). It’s so extremely hard to see someone that young not knowing what is going on and being so afraid.

For those of you wanting to know how to further pray, here’s what you can pray for:

The doctors are fairly certain it is Leukemia. They did a blood transfusion, will most likely do another one, and will be doing a spinal tap to get a bone marrow sample sometime soon. I am waiting to hear from Ashley with an update!

Please pray for continued strength for Ashley and her family as they continue to be there to care for little Alexis. She has to stay in the hospital for 10 days and then will most likely be needing chemo for the next 2 1/2 to 3 years. The doctors (and Ashley) are pretty positive that Alexis WILL beat this. It will most certainly be a very draining process though, so pray hard!

The district superintendent of my church denomination prayed yesterday for Alexis and said that:

“we are praying to a God who knows what it is like to watch His child suffer!”

Although we don’t have all of the answers or can’t comprehend why this would happen, we know that God is watching over her and is in control.

I know I said this about a million times already in this post, but please please please please continue to pray! Pray that Ashley would be able to get some rest, pray that Alexis will get comfortable with being int he hospital, and pray whatever other way God leads you! Thank you all so very much!

– paulg


4 Responses to An Update on Alexis…

  1. Pastor Paul,
    Just wanted to let you know that Alexis, Ashley, all of the Rabolds and Battistis and you are in our prayers many times a day since the first report yesterday.
    Our hearts go out to little Alexis and pray for relief of pain and fear for her and strength and comfort, peace and faith in our Lord for the rest of you.
    By the way, we wanted to let you know that the reason Alexis must be kept flat on her back is because of the lumbar puncture (spinal tap) procedure. If she moves, cerebrospinal fluid can leak out and that is what would cause the intense headache.
    Our prayers are with you all,
    Paul and Judy Fennessey

    • 123paulg says:

      Paul and Judy,

      Thank you for the prayers and support. This is very tough, but God is in control. Please continue to pray for Alexis, her wonderful mommy Ashley, and the rest of the family!

      – paulg

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