Hey Everyone,

I need to ask you all to please pray! My girlfriend (Ashley) took her daughter (Alexis) for a normal check up yesterday and they found that her iron levels were low. Normal levels should be between 11 and 15, but hers were at 4.9 yesterday. They scheduled her to come in for blood work today and found that her levels today were 4.5. Ashley’s family are rushing Alexis to Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA (2 hours away) now where they will do a blood transfusion today, bone marrow tests tomorrow, and lots of other testing. They’ll have to keep her there for a few days.

I talked to and prayed with Ashley before she left and she was so shaken up. She told me what the doctors think it might be, but please pray that they are wrong, and if not, that they can fix it! This is a very scary thing, and DEFINITELY something that a 2 1/2 year old should NOT have to go through, but we have a mighty and powerful God whom nothing is impossible for.

It’s not fair that a little girl should have to go through this. Please pray that Alexis will be ok, for Ashley, for the rest of her family! Pray for patience, peace, understanding, and a strengthening of their faith!

Thank you all!

– paulg



  1. Patti says:

    Praying in agreement with you, Paul.

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  3. andy1131 says:

    Praying for Alexis, her mom, and you.

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  5. Nicole says:

    I, too, am crying as I read these posts. My heart breaks and my tears do nothing more but stream down my face. but prayers from my family are added to the many already said. God will prevail.
    What a precious child you have with such a beautiful spirit in her face. May she always know how loved she is!
    God Bless!

    • 123paulg says:


      Thank you so very much for the prayers and thoughts you are sending toward Alexis! She is a very amazing little girl and is loved by everyone she comes in contact with! I’m privileged to have her in my life! God is good and He knows what He is doing! Thank you again for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated!

      – paulg

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