Texas Missions Trip: Day 5…

My mind is not working properly right now due to nearing the point of exhaustion. I don’t know how long or how good this post will be, but I’m going to try my best. I can’t speak for the girls, but I know that this was a very long and stressful day for the guys! It was our first full day with the campers, and was non-stop busyness going from activity to activity. We had breakfast, went swimming, went on the ropes course, had lunch, had a lesson/worship time, went to arts and crafts, and went to play ultimate Frisbee. After ultimate Frisbee, the scheduled plans changed for the day. Thunderstorms appeared out of nowhere and we were forced inside. My cabin got sent inside to watch a movie. I couldn’t tell you what movie they watched because I laid on the floor and fell asleep until we were allowed back outside again (about ¾ of the way through the movie). After that we went to our evening activity/dinner time (Mario Kart racing on the Nintendo Wii). Dinner was pretty good too (chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, corn, and salad). After that we had campfire songs inside (because it was raining again). Then we took the kids back to the cabin for devotions and bed time. Surprisingly, we were able to get everyone in bed and to sleep by 10:30 PM. That’s two hours quicker than we did it last night. We should have received a reward!

I saw nastiness and cruelty today amongst some of my campers, and it was not pretty. It’s sad that kids pick on people that are different than them. But I was glad that they seemed to stop after the other lead counselor and I had a serious talk with them and took some of their privileges away! I can’t put names on here, but I would like to ask all of you to pray for my campers this week…pray that the nastiness, name calling, bitterness, and cruelty would not resurface and that these kids would get along, learn, and show love to each other!

I didn’t have much to write about today, but there is one more thing that I would like to mention. For a while before this trip, and even the first day or two into it, I was wondering if this was really where God wanted us to come for our Missions Trip. I wasn’t sure if it actually was, or if it was forced because I thought that I had to find something to replace our Mexico trip. But God keeps confirming to me that this is where He wants us to be at this time! We’re building relationships with people and campers, we’re showing the love of Jesus to them through the way we live our lives, and we are making an impact here in Porter, Texas!

For the last few days, I have been thinking about the benefits and blessings that making this place a place where we come back every year, or every other year would bring, but I haven’t mentioned it to anyone yet. Tonight, before the inside campfire song session, the girls asked me if we would be coming back here again next year. I told them I didn’t know about next year because of LIFE. Then I asked them if they wanted to come back and they all immediately said “Yes!” This made my day! I think it would be great to come back to minister at this camp again, instead of just leaving this year and never looking back or finding out what’s going on in the lives of the kids we ministered to! We started building relationships this week, and it would be great to continue and strengthen those relationships again in the future.  Nothing is set in stone, and these are just the beginning stages of thinking about this possibility of coming back. God knows what He wants, and He will make it known to us in His timing!

Please continue to pray for us as we minister to these kids. Pray for safety, patience, gentleness, and understanding. These kids come from a background we know nothing about, so we need God’s help to know how to get through to them.

Until next time…

– paulg


One Response to Texas Missions Trip: Day 5…

  1. Dan Haugh says:

    keep up the good work Paul. I agree with your thought about consistency. pray about the opportunity to have a real, ongoing, and transformative partnership that could last decades…if not TX than possibly some place else

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