Texas Missions Trip: Day 4…

Yesterday morning we began our training. It lasted from 9:30 AM until around 2:00 PM. We learned about each of the campers that we would be in charge of. We got to look over their files and ask questions to the case workers so we would know what and who we would be dealing with. Most of the kids come from troubled pasts and backgrounds. Mrs. Sheryl, or “Mama Bear” as she has the kids call her, led some of the training. Something she said really stuck out to me and I wrote it down so I could include it in this post. This is what she said:

“These kids are not foster children. They are just children who happen to be living in the foster care system because of what they had to live through and because of the adults that are in their lives. It isn’t their fault or something that they did, it is what they have been dealt (sexually abused by parents, drug and alcohol abusing parents, neglected, had to find their own food and survive on their own, etc).”

I really saw her heart for these kids and it was something worth admiring. I hoped that my students and leaders (from AAC) would adopt this attitude towards these children as well!

There isn’t much free time here; well…there is actually no free time at all. It is a 24 hour, on the clock, type of ministry. A lot has happened since yesterday afternoon and I don’t know if I’ll have time to write about all of it, but I will try…

As I mentioned, the campers arrived at 3:00 PM. Keith is in his own cabin with his own campers and counseling team. He and I are what they call the “House Dad’s!” Basically what this means is that we are the main adult figure in the cabins. We say what the rules are, we lead the devotions and Bible studies, and the counselors come to us if they need any help or advice. In our cabin (cabin #1), Jordan and I were the counselors that got to stay to greet the campers, and help them get settled in as they arrived. We have the largest cabin with 20 people total: 14 campers and 6 leaders. One of the leaders is a Jr. Counselor (high school student who was a camper during the high school boy’s week). We have a great group of counselors and we’ve been able to handle everything pretty well so far. Some of our students are a lot to handle, but they all need love and we are here to show it to them!

Despite the intense heat, our kids insist on running to every activity. It must be that they are from Texas and the heat doesn’t bother them, but for me…walking will suffice!
After the kids arrived, we played some get to know you games and attempted to get to know each other. The games purpose was to get the kids to know each other’s name. We thought that it went well, but ever since then, they have been calling each other “hey kid” or “hey dude!” Maybe by the end of the week they will know each other’s names!
After that, Jordan and I took our group to the lake for boat riding, fishing, and cooking around the campfire. The kids and leaders had a blast. After the lake, it was time to go swimming. Anytime swimming is offered, everyone is extremely excited (because of the heat). But sometimes, the pool is so hot that it isn’t very refreshing.

After swimming, we headed to the dining hall so the kids could take their medicine, have snacks, and refill their water bottles. Then it was time to go back to the cabins, have devotions, and go to sleep. Devotions were a nightmare! The kids listened and read along in their Bibles, but comments were flying every which way and we couldn’t get them to focus for more than a minute at a time. We were studying James 3:1-12 (about taming the tongue). This was a great devotion to do considering most of our kids have a problem with insulting each other and cursing. The lesson took way longer than it should have (because of the constant talking) and just as I finally though that they got the point of the lesson and I was about to pray, one of the kids insulted and swore at another kid who let a bodily function out a little too loudly!

Bed time was not any less chaotic than the devotions were. It took almost 2 hours to get everyone quiet and to sleep! Needless to say, all of the counselors were exhausted in the morning!

Due to the fact that the campers are here, Keith, Jordan, and I are off doing our own thing with the campers. Tyler is working with the recreation team and water refilling team. And Abby, Katelyn, and Kristen are helping out with crafts, recreation, and a few other random things. I see those four a few times each day and each time I see them, they have big smiles on their faces. So I know that they are having a blast.
I don’t know when the next time I will be able to write will be, so check back randomly to see if I have posted any more updates. It is very hard to find free time. If worse comes to worse, I will just post all of the updates (from each day) whenever we get back from the trip!

I heard someone say something yesterday and I would like to close with it.

“When you put yourself out there on the front line and let God use you as his instrument, He will do as much changing in our hearts as He will with any child that walks through the gate of this camp and the doors in the buildings and cabins!”

This is my prayer four our youth group and leaders, that God would change our hearts just as much as He changes the campers hearts. I pray that God would work through us and use us in mighty ways.

Please continue to pray for us, as I know you will!

Until next time…

– paulg


One Response to Texas Missions Trip: Day 4…

  1. KC says:

    PaulG – get Abby to tweet so we can follow what’s going on with the girls. These blogs are too guy focused! We’re praying for you all and the campers.

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