The End Result…

This past summer at the church camp I have been going to since I was a youngster in High School, I had the opportunity to talk to a man that played a key role in my walk with the Lord. This man was the speaker numerous times at camp and I’ve heard many talks on the Christian life from him. His routine was that during every message, he would have a catch phrase (or whatever you call it) that he would say to us youth and then we would have a response to say back to him. A couple of examples that I can remember are: “It’s not about me…it’s about God” and “Don’t let…your hearts be tempted!” There are many others, but I’d have to find my notes from those summers to remember them.


I didn’t know that he was speaking in the youth service this year until I walked past and heard a familiar voice. I popped my head in and saw that it was him. After the service I went up to him and introduced myself. I told him a bit about who I was, about how I learned so much from him growing up in my faith, and about how I am now a youth pastor. I thanked him for playing a pivotal role in God’s plan for me as a youth pastor. I didn’t know it at the time (growing up), and I can’t say for sure if I knew it that day when I talked to him, but now that I think back on it; I’m pretty sure it was all part of God’s plan. God placed this man in my life to speak truth to me; to show me what one day He would have me doing (speaking to, teaching, and leading kids weekly).

I tell you all of this simply to say that one day; I want to be that guy to my students. I want to be that guy to the many students whom I will speak to at church camps, conferences, schools, retreats, and other various youth events. I am big on the end product (I will write more on this in another post) and my goal is not to have the biggest and best youth group, but it is to have students who are devoted and Christ-like whenever they leave my program. So it is with this end product (or result) in mind that I want one of my students or students that I have come in contact with to come up to me, introduce themselves, and tell me that it is because of what I spoke to them on such and such a date that they are walking with God and/or doing ministry. It would be an amazing accomplishment to have that happen and I pray that one day it will.

Thank you all for reading…

– paulg


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