A New Kind of Youth Director

Over the last few weeks, it has become increasingly clear to me that God wants me to start writing. However, I am unsure of what form this writing will take. It may be a journal; it may be a blog; it may be a form of advice or encouragement for other youth leaders out there like me; or, it may be something primarily to help me grow. If that is the case, I guess no one will ever read these words…

With that being said…Shall we begin?

When I hear the words “Youth Worker”, my mind immediately thinks of people like myself; people who, well…work with youth (for lack of a better description). A youth worker is someone who invests into the lives of young people; someone who loves making a difference and providing hope for younger generations; and most importantly, a youth worker is a unique and blessed individual who has the privilege to influence the lives of teenagers on a daily basis for the Kingdom of God. For that, I am thankful. I am thankful that God has placed a specific calling on my life to minister to teenagers and to make a difference.

I am currently in the process of reading a groundbreaking book called “A New Kind Of Youth Ministry”, written by Chris Folmsbee. When I say groundbreaking, I really mean that. I am less than halfway through the book, and already I can see that the things this guy is saying are right on point. In the world we live in, we do need something different; we need change; we need a new kind of youth ministry. Before I began reading this book, I viewed myself as a director of youth. After all, considering that my current title is “Director of Middle School Ministries”, I thought that that would only make sense. However, I was terribly wrong. What made me realize this is the following line from Folmsbee’s book…

I’ll know we are functioning within a new kind of youth ministry when we are experiencing things like…youth workers seeing themselves primarily as spiritual directors rather than program directors.

…After reading that, I realized that he was right. I (as I am sure many others) view youth workers as program directors. The question I found myself asking was, “What do I need to do to change my ministry focus to that of being a spiritual director?”

To be continued…



3 Responses to A New Kind of Youth Director

  1. Chris Paré says:

    awesome dude. That seems like an awesome book. I’m a youth intern this summer at my church, and I often do feel like a program director. One of the great burdens that the Lord has put on my heart is how much we pump the kids full of entertainment. I do not think that we should make that the focus. I’ve found that simply sharing wisdom with the kids has allowed me to have a greater impact on them than any game of ultimate or movie we’ve seen.

    I can’t wait to hear what the Lord works in and through you.

  2. paul. thanks for the kind words regarding my book. would love to chat via email if you want to discuss it further. peace. chris

  3. meghan says:

    teehee…you are so amazing that even the author loves you!! I love you more though…I can’t wait till you come home and start writing again…

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